The Atlantic Ocean, on the shores of Madeira , shows us it s wonders...places of interest are many and what helps us is the fact that there are several marinas protected areas , such as the Garajau Reserve, the Eco marine Park of Funchal (where is located our diving center) and Desertas Islands .


Marine topography of Madeira , is characterized by the absence of the continental shelf , which is why you can find great depths within walking distance from the coast . Also thanks to these features, you  can see forms of ocean life, such as manta rays , large pelagic fish , marine mammals and turtles .


The depths, not only help us to have diving sites near the coast but also allows visitors to observe several species from the Atlantic Ocean . At the same time we have the possibility to visit different kinds of seabed...but not only!


Besides the clear waters , this is an oceanic archipelago with an incredible biodiversity . In fact, here you can find not only typically Atlantic species, but also species from the North Sea who find their southern limit, the Mediterranean and also some tropical species found in Madeira the northern limit of their distribution.



Map dives emdc feb2016


These are some of the dives that you can do with us:

Dive Spot #1,2 - Housereef: Penha de França west and east (Eco marine park of Funchal)

Our dive house, in the eco marine park of Funchal, where you can make your first dives in Madeira . West and east part, two long dives for you!  Octopus , cuttlefish, moray eel, frog fish, cow brem, zebra bream, seahorses are some "friends" that you can find.....being this zone , the old output port of Funchal... is not so rare to find a historical relic!!!


Dive Spot #3 -Pronto Wreck

A shipwreck just off the port of Funchal , near our base, despite not being the best visibility is rich in life, where you can find many dog fish (BodianusScrofa)., dusky grouper and moray eel.

Dive Spot #4 - Pontinha


Dive Spot # 5-6 - Moray Eel Reef (Eco marine park of Funchal)

A little more than 5 minutes by boat from the diving station, there is a submerged volcanic formation, with canyons and walls, full of holes and hiding places where we can find all kinds of moray! Probably you will also be surrounded by boga boga fleeing from barracuda!


Dive Spot #7 - Lazareto (Garajau Natural Reserve)

Dive Spot #8 - Mamas (Garajau Natural Reserve)

A 10 minute boat ride from our base , we find two large rock formations , separated by 20 meters, which rise from the sandy bottom, here are the most common encounters with diferentes espécies of mureias and large clusters of barracudas.


Dive Spot #9,10 - Garajau (Garajau Natural Reserve)

A 10 minutes trip by boat from our base, here we find our friend Elvis , a very friendly grouper, the King of Garajau!

And he will not be alone , other groupers, anemones , cluster of barracudas and charoteiros and much, much more! And with a little luck we can also find the manta and sting rays!

In this area we can do at least 2 dives, beginning and ending in different places.


Dive Spot #11 Garajau Wall - (Garajau Natural Reserve)


Dive Spot #12 Garajau East - (Garajau Natural Reserve)


Dive Spot #13 - Arena (Garajau Natural Reserve)

A 15 minute boat ride from our base , find a submerged tunnel with 3 outputs, one to 16 meters, one to 12m and a volcanic chimney which brings us back to 6 meters. Dive full of life and besides the beautiful passages into the tunnel, lots and lots of fish!


Dive Spot #14 - Cave of Ponta da Oliveira (Garajau Natural Reserve)

A 15 minute boat ride from our base , we will find this cave, with the entrance at about 12 meters deep , is about 30 meters long, but the surprise is that ... in the end we can climb up the surface of the cave and talk a little dive! Exciting!


Dive Spot #15 - Bluehole 

A 20 minute boat ride from our base at a depth of 8 meters, we start in a large tunnel that will reach down to 20 meters. The exploration of Bluehole is varied and interesting... enjoyable gathering is sure with slipper lobster!


Dive Spot #16, 17 - Reis Magos


Dive Spot #18 - Caniçal


Dive Spot #19, 20, 21 - Cabo Girão, Calheta, "Bom Rei Wreck"

Visit the Bowbelle Wreck, at a depth between 24 and 33 meters...was a boat that transported sand, which sank in 1996 and became known in the 1989 disaster, on the River Thames when it hit the rivercraft Marchioness and 51 people died...very, very interesting!


...and many, many more !! We're lucky, here we have so much ocean to explore! :-)


What are you waiting for? ;-)

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