Madeira has a mild climate all year round!

In the south coast during the summer the average temperature is about 25 º, and during the winter of 4 or 5 degrees less.

As far as the water temperatures range from 18 º to 25 º in winter to late summer. The good thing is that there is no thermocline, the temperature that you will find on the surface will be the same even at 30 meters!




The archipelago of Madeira is part of Macaronesia, situated on the African plate. It belongs to Portugal and is in the European union.  Madeira is the outermost region of the territory union.

It is situated in the Atlantic ocean, at a 30 degree north latitude and a 16degree west longitude. For this reason it has the nickname of  "Pérola do Atlántico"  the Pearl of the Atlantic.

The island is around 978 km south west of Lisbon, Portugal and around 700 km off the African coastline, its almost on the same latitude as Casablanca.

The volcanic archipelago is made up of 8 islands the two largest being Madeira and Porto Santo, and also the only ones that are inhabited and have access by air as well as sea.

The remaining islands are natural reserves, that preserve their original beauty and life.

            Madeira 740,7 km2

            Porto Santo 42,5 km2

            Desertas 14,2 km2 (3 islands which are uninhabited)

            Selvagems 3,6 km2 (3 islands and 17 ilheus uninhabited)


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